Project 1 : On Gifted Land at Ponda Town

Inspired by the Holy Trio (Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekanand), Sri Upendra Gaunecar and Smt Devyani Gaunecar, a devout couple of Farmagudi came forward and have donated a land of 471sq mtrs. to Ramakrishna Mission. The plot is situated near Dada Vaidya Chowk which is in the central area of Ponda Town.

The Mission is planning to construct a three storey building called VIVEKANAND CULTURAL CENTER which will suffice to have a Cultural Hall, Book Stall, Class Rooms for Yoga, Balvihar and Computer Learning etc. This will be the Town Centre of Ramakrishna Mission Goa.

01-08-2019 : Update
Still Under Formation

Project 2 : On Gifted Plot Near Samiti's Land of Six Acres

Sri Surendra Prabhu, a bachelor devotee from Margo has gifted a land of 371 sq. mtrs adjacent to Samiti to Ramakrishna mission. The Mission has thought of constructing a building with 8 rooms, so that an official centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Goa may be started initially. In due course, this will get merged with samiti's land to be gifted to Ramakrishna Mission and will be under a single campos. This building will have a small prayer hall, bookstall, an office etc.

01-08-2019 : Update
MOnks Quarters built and inaugurated on 06-05-2019.

Project 3 : On Six Acres of Land to be Received from Samiti

The Project is intended to go step by step with the following services under contemplation
An Universal Temple of Ramakrishna with regular worship and celebration of important festivals. Still Under Process

Project 4 : Prayer Hall On Gifted Land by Manisha Kamat near Six acres Land.

Smt. Manisha Kamat wife of Sri Vishnandan Kamat a devotee from Mumbai gifted 262 Squares of land,

The Mission has contemplated to build a Prayer Hall on I floor and use the ground floor for service activities

The Prayer Hall was built and inaugurated on 06-05-2019 on the first floor.
A Physicotheory unit inaugurated on 18-05-2019 in the ground floor.